Adult Clinics

Ages 14 +

Friday & Sunday



Online registration for this clinic closes 24 hours prior to the event.  Please call (207)875-5000 or email to inquire about the clinic availability if you are trying to book day of.

Mastering the Mountain

Our coaches will guide participants through different line choices on varying terrain. Coaches will teach techniques and movements that are necessary for navigating your bike over challenging features. Participants will have time to session technical sections of the trail to discuss line choice. The goal of the clinic is to have a safe, smooth, and continuous run.

Fridays and Sundays 1-3pm Intermediate & Advanced Riders

Clinic Schedule

June 16 & 18
Pinball/Rock Bottom
June 30 & July 2
Yellow Jacket
July 14 & 16
July 28 & 30
August 11 & 13
P B & C