Mt. Abram Uphill Access Policy

An Uphill Season or Day Pass, regular Season Pass, or lift ticket for the day, is required and must be visible.

On open days, between 7am and 5pm, uphill routes are the Uphill Trail, Roundabout, Lower/Upper Easy Rider and Skyline. These are the recommended routes outside of these hours as well. 

Mt. Abram Uphill Policy

All posted signage and the Skier’s Responsibility Code must be followed.

During operating hours, all skiers/riders must follow the current Trail Report and all posted signage. PLEASE NOTE that trails are closed as if traveling from the top of the main chairlift. All skiers/riders are responsible for knowing what is open/closed.

The most recent Trail Report can give an idea of trail conditions during non-operating hours. Anything recently closed is not recommended and please. 

Watch out for and avoid all snowmaking equipment, snowmobiles, snow-cats and any other hazards, vehicles and workers. Do not ski over snowmaking hoses. 

Skin Smart: Be visible, stay to the side of the trail, avoid the inside of corners and do not stop below a headwall.