Mt. Abram Uphill Policy

All posted signage and the Skier’s Responsibility Code must be followed.

Uphill travel is a privilege – the mountain is private property and we allow you to do so. In doing so you must follow this policy. Not doing so will result in loosing individual uphill privileges.

Ticket/Pass Required – An Uphill Season Pass, Uphill Day Ticket (available online at all hours), regular Season Pass, or lift ticket for the day, is required for uphill travel and must be visible. This is also the case for outside of our regular hours. Why do you have to pay? While touring on resort you enjoy the commodities of snowmaking, grooming, and are utilizing our property. Don’t want to pay to go uphill? There is plenty of backcountry terrain around that doesn’t offer these commodities.

Time/Day Restrictions and Uphill Routes – We allow uphill travel at all hours, every day. We love having an accommodating uphill policy, but that falls on all of you to follow and respect it for this to continue. On open days, between 7am and 5pm, uphill routes are the Uphill Trail, Roundabout to Sweeper, Lower/Upper Easy Rider and Skyline out of the Westside. Outside of these hours and days these are the recommended uphill routes. The only trails where uphill travel is absolutely not allowed outside of these days and hours are Boris and the T-Bar lines, doing so will result in your immediate loss of uphill privileges.

General Etiquette – At all times uphill travel must be done on the far sides on the trails on the tree line. We allow you to be 2 wide as we understand the social aspects, however this is the max. Other resorts ask you to remain single file, we are trying to be more accommodating, but this is on you all to respect this. You CANNOT ever be more the 2 wide. Skin smart, be visible, stay to the side of the trail, avoid the inside of corners and do not stop below a headwall.

Follow Trail Report – During operating hours, all skiers/riders must follow the current Trail Report and all posted signage. Please note that trails are closed as if traveling from the top of the main chairlift. All skiers/riders are responsible for knowing what is open/closed. The most recent Trail Report can give an idea of trail conditions during non-operating hours. Anything recently closed is not recommended and please. 

Groomer/Equipment Etiquette – Watch out for and avoid all snowmaking equipment, snowmobiles, snow-cats and any other hazards, vehicles and workers. Do not ski over snowmaking hoses. If you come across a groomer either on the up or downhill, you are required to stop on the side and wait for them to pass. It is absolutely forbidden to ski past / along side a groomer. Doing so with result in an immediate loss of your uphill privileges for the rest of the season. 

Touring with Dogs – We allow you to skin with your furry friends outside of hours of operation, however we are highly considering revoking this privilege. Why? Dog poop. Clean up after your animals. It’s not only disrespectful to the mountain, but disrespectful to everyone else utilizing the uphill routes and every skier on the mountain. “But it was off in the woods” – people ski in the woods. “He was 100 yards behind me” – that’s inconvenient, but on you as you chose to bring your dog. “I didn’t have a bag” – thats really inconvenient, still on you, you should know better as a dog owner. On a side note skiing with dogs is incredibly dangerous for the animals. Dogs and edges do not mix. We understand the appeal of skiing with your dogs and it can be a ton of fun when done in a safe way. We ask you to be aware of the dangers and recognize that this is at your own risk.